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Q: When and where is the event?

A: The time is always 8p, and on Wednesdays. Please check the most recent flier for the most updated info. 


Q: Where do I park?

A: Please park in the neighborhood on the street if possible if not find a lot. Please lock all valuables in your trunk.

Q: Is the event free?

A: Admission to ScreeningRoom LA is $10.00 for all attendees (IN ADVANCE THROUGH THE TICKET PAGE OR CASH APP  $scrla or IN PERSON).

Q: How do I submit my film to Screening Room ATL?

A: It's easy! Go to the SUBMIT page and click on "Submit a Request" and fill out the form. Then, send your files and/or link to Upload through Dropbox..

(There is a $30 screening fee, paid after you've been selected.)

Q: Once I submit, what's next?

A: Once you submit, you'll receive a confirmation email indicating that your film has been accepted. Once accepted, you'll receive further instructions, payment information and the date when your film will screen.

Q: Why do I have to pay to screen my film?

A: ScreeningRoom LA is a community based exhibition venue for indie filmmakers. It takes money to host our event and present your films. So, we ask for a small fee to cover expenses.

Q: How do I submit my files?

A: If your film is a large size, send a Dropbox link. Or if you already have it uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo, just email us the link at

Q: Is my admission free if I'm accepted as a filmmaker screening their film?

A: Yes! And just because we're so awesome - you get to bring one friend for FREE. However, that is the absolute maximum, no exceptions to this rule. Any cast, crew, extra people must pay in advance or in person.

Q: How long does my film have to be?

A: We only accept trailers and short films up to 25 minutes. Any film over this running time, we will consider a "featured" film. Featured films of Screening Room are subject to special pricing and will require event planning. Please email us directly to discuss your featured event.

Q: What does my purchase fee include?

A: The screening of your trailer or short film, free admission for the filmmaker and one guest, and a short Q&A with the filmmaker after the screening. No free drinks and/or food are included in this fee.

Q. Can I show more than one film?

A: Yes, but each film will need to be submitted separately, and will receive confirmation and/or denial letters. Each film may also be scheduled separately. Screening Room LA reserves the right to deny and/or schedule films according to OUR needs.

Q: Will I receive a reward or feedback?

A: Connections at ScreeningRoom LA have been formed that are priceless. Sometimes, we have special guests to give feedback, but not always. We do not give out rewards. However, the ultimate reward is being able to screen your project to your peers and other artists to eventually collaborate. We encourage all filmmakers to network and socialize with the crowd after the screening to obtain any peer feedback or criticism.

Q: What types of projects can I submit?

A: We review trailers, music videos and short films, commercials, poetry videos and all visual art pieces of any genre. Films with profanity, love scenes or violence are allowed based on artistic merit. Please do not submit any pornographic material. 

Q: Can I bring my kid to Screening Room ATL?

A: Screening Room ATL is an open venue for all ages. However, please be aware that material may not be safe for children under the age of 17. All children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

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